Bean broth recipe for 50 people

Bean broth recipe for 50 people

The simple bean broth is a great option to serve at a party with several people or to include in the menu of your bar or restaurant. If you are looking for the right amounts of ingredients to make bean broth for 50 people, continue here!

In this recipe for bean broth, pepperoni and bacon, two ingredients that, in addition to making the broth more nutritious, give it more flavor. Don't stop using! The rest of the ingredients are very simple and everyone has it at home: beans, onions, garlic, meat broth (tablet or homemade) and a green smell.

See below how to make delicious broth for 50 people with beans, pepperoni and bacon and delight everyone!

Ingredients for making bean broth for 50 people:

 ½ kilogram of raw beans

 1 kilogram of chopped bacon

 1 kilogram of pepperoni sausage

 3 large chopped onions

 6 chopped garlic cloves

 3 meat broth tablets (optional)

 ½ cup of oil (120 milliliters)

 1 pack of chopped green scent

 Black pepper


How to make bean broth for 50 people:

Hydrate the beans by soaking them in water overnight or for at least 8 hours. Drain the water, rinse and cook the beans in the usual way - check out our suggestions on how to season beans.

Tip: To prepare this bean broth with beans ready, check the tips at the end of the recipe.

After cooking the beans, place them in a blender together with the cooking broth and the broth tablets. Beat for 5 minutes or until smooth and pasty. Reserve.

If you want you can replace the broth tablets with homemade broth - see how to make homemade beef broth.

Tip: If the beans were too thick when beating, add a little more water.

Heat a frying pan with the oil and fry the sausage, bacon, onions and garlic until golden. Then place the beaten beans in a blender and add water to taste until you get a bean broth with the consistency of your choice.

Tip: After adding the water, scrape the bottom of the pan to free the sticky bits and prevent the bottom from burning.

Season the bean broth with a green scent, pepper and salt to taste. Simmer for 10 minutes to refine the flavors and it's ready! Serve with, for example, toast seasoned with oregano and good appetite!

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How to make bean broth with beans ready?

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